And Shepherds We Shall Be

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Let’s Play Minecraft - A gif for every episode
   —-> Episode 25: Stronghold Hunting Part 2

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boondock saints + hands





My dad and I were in a hotel and he tried the coffee and smiled and said “ahh, it’s like making love in a canoe.” and I said, “it’s that good?” and he stopped smiling and looked me in the eye and said, “no, it’s fucking close to water" before pouring it down the drain really dramatically and walking away.

Oh my GOD.

Extreme dad jokes.

Good lord…



Gavin: "I’ve never seen anyone go so quickly without thinking after a rose."

Ray: "Listen, it’s a lifestyle. I don’t know if you know this, Gavin, roses are my power, my pleasure, my pain-"

Gavin: "You’re an idiot. You’re a stupid idiot moron."

Sam Swarek + his goofy and in love look

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For Gina (andysmcnally)